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AC Tune Up Services in Arlington, TX

Keeping your home comfortable all through the hot, sticky Texas summer can be a challenge. Having regular AC tune up services performed will help ensure that your air conditioning system will be up to the task all season long, no matter how warm it gets outside.

With Ally Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC, we’ll make sure your air conditioner is working at its best, so you can rest assured that your home will have the cool air  that you need when you need it. With 50+ years of experience on staff, you can rely on us to provide you with the highest levels of workmanship and unmatched customer service.


AC tune up services in Arlington, TX Ally Heating and Air Conditioning


Why AC Tune Ups Are Important

Most air conditioners are expected to last somewhere between 10 to 15 years. However, that’s only the case if you have your unit regularly serviced. With an annual home AC tune up from the professionals at Ally Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC, you can help ensure that you get the most out of your equipment.

First and foremost, regular AC tune ups help prevent minor issues from becoming major, costly, and dangerous problems. That means catching superficial issues before they worsen will also save you a bunch of money in repairs.

Regular air conditioning tune ups also keep your equipment running at peak efficiency. Dirt, grime, and other particles build up in your system and decrease performance significantly. With an annual AC tune up, you’ll experience much less efficiency loss, meaning you’ll spend less to get the same amount of cool air to your home. 

Finally, keeping up a regular maintenance schedule on your air conditioner can keep you from voiding your warranty. For most warranties, you’re required to have a qualified technician perform regular maintenance on your equipment. Without an annual air conditioner tune up, your system won’t be working at its best and will be more likely to break down or malfunction, making it out of compliance with most warranties.


The AC Tune Up Process

Ideally, you should schedule your AC tune up for the spring. After several months of not using your air conditioning, your system may need some attention before starting up again. Leaks may have developed, parts may have seized up, or you may have some excess debris in your system. Turning on your AC system before having it checked by a professional raises the possibility that you could do severe damage to your cooling system. 

When you have a professional from Ally Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC perform a home AC tune up, you can count on your technician arriving on time, ready to get to work. They’ll perform an initial inspection of your system, taking the time to secure any loose connections and replace parts that may be starting to wear out.

As they continue through your system, they’ll note any problems that may need more significant repair so that they can discuss your options with you. They’ll also lubricate any moving parts and keep an eye out for issues that may be developing but don’t need to be repaired right now. 

Once our technician has completed the inspection, they will perform several other tests and checks, including the following:

Your technician will also perform a thorough cleaning of your system, including the coils. This also includes cleaning or replacing your air filter, which can go a long way towards improving the efficiency of your cooling system.

Once these tests and other functions are complete, your technician will go over their findings with you. If they notice any problems that require further maintenance, they’ll go over your options with you and provide you with an estimated cost. If not, your system should be good to go for the season.


Benefits of an AC Tune Up

The best reason to get an AC tune-up is simple: Savings. With regular maintenance, you’ll extend the life of your cooling equipment and avoid costly repairs or a potential AC replacement. You’ll also experience better performance, meaning your AC won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool. That efficiency can end up saving you a lot of money over time.


Your AC Tune Up Professionals in Arlington, TX

When you’re looking for a company to tune up your AC, you can trust the experts at Ally Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC to get your system back in top shape. Our technicians have experience working with all major AC equipment makes and models, and they’re committed to helping homeowners get the most out of their cooling systems. Contact us online or give us a call today at (817) 987-1500 to schedule your AC tune up service.

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