Pre-Season Preparation

Pre-Season Preparation

Thinking for a Pre-Season Preparation for your Air Conditioning Unit is an “Out of Mind Concept”. Until March and April, the season is quite soothing and no one even has an idea of preparing the AC System for the next summer season. This is the scenario where we all found ourselves facing this time. Air conditioning structures are regulated appliances, requiring expert upkeep to correctly function on the best rate modern power intake.

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But we all are stuck with other prior duties and it is very normal that we can forget about the things we are not using at the moment. But our experience says that we all should do prior preparation for our seasonal appliances to avoid the difficulty.

On the subject of Pre-Season Preparation and Maintenance, many service providers offer Maintenance Agreement with full-service coverage including all the regular repairs, maintenance, and Pre-Season Start-Up Services. And, actually, this is one of the best ways to minimize your electricity bills and ensuring that your AC System is working efficiently.

It is not necessary that you call only the professionals to prepare your AC Unit for the next season but you can do it yourself too. There are a number of smaller maintenance tasks a homeowner can do. Let’s get a brief detail.

1. Check the Outdoor Unit: – The outdoor unit or the compressor/condenser unit is housed behind the panels enclosed with electrical connections and other components of the unit. If the panels are damaged then you should call the professionals to maintain the security and functionality of the AC Unit. Make sure that you clean the unit and remove all the leaves and debris that restrict the flow of air. Also, if you covered the unit in winters, make sure to uncover it before using this summer.

2. Clean the Condenser Coils: – Generally, the condenser units of AC’s are located outside. It is a big metal box having grills on the sides and a fan inside. You can see the fan blades from outside. You should cover this unit in the winters to protect it from dust and debris. The fan blades inside the unit move the air across condenser coils and if there are dust and debris, it will clog the coils too. To clean it, you should use a soft brush on a vacuum or a refrigerator cleaning brush and gently clean it. In case, the fins are bending, you can use a fin comb to straighten them.

3. Change the Air Filter: –An Air Filter is an inside component of your Air Conditioning Unit and it is important to filter the air and maintain the quality of indoor air. If the Air Filters are clogged, it will certainly impact on the quality of indoor air you are inhaling. Clogged air filters can also cause something to the HVAC system. They can cause your AC Unit to work harder and restrict the air flow. It can also increase the wear and tear of the inside parts of the unit.

4. Clear impediments from vents: –Make sure that both the supply and return air grills are clean and free from all the obstructions. Dirt and debris can block the airflow and even the furniture in front of the unit can also impact badly. It is a good practice that you check and clean the grills before using your AC System in the new season.

5. Check the Coolant Lines: –  The refrigerant pipes that run from the evaporator on the air handler to the condenser unit located outside are typically covered with foam coolant line insulation to prevent them from energy loss. If you ever see that insulation foam is missing or frayed, make sure to replace it. You can wrap the lines in a spiral way or can install the foam insulation tape. You can use a utility knife to cut. This way the coolant lines will set in a proper way and save energy loss.

6. Run it to Ensure Effective Working: – When you are done with all the above-explained steps wait for a sunny day and then turn it ON. After a few minutes, you will start feeling its cooling. If you feel that air is not coming at all or it is warm than now is the perfect time to call the AC Repair Specialists. If you are facing any serious issue then be sure to shut it off immediately and wait for the professional to come and take a look. Otherwise, it is certain that it will cause more damage to your AC Unit and you as well.

Will your system be ready to handle this year's chill?

Normal preventive upkeep, done two times in 12 months, can help your device hold up with seasonal temperature swings. Plus, it could increase HVAC overall performance and help you keep away from highly-priced emergency A/C repair —because nobody wants to be left without warmness in the middle state a snowfall.

While the newer heating structures require little upkeep, a quick track-up can significantly expand the life state your HVAC system, making sure it always runs at peak performance.

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